Spice N More was found in 1995, operating under a single Brand called SALMA. At the turn of the century, we decided to launch CASABLANCA®, our most popular brand name today. Since that time, both SALMA®  and CASABLANCA® have grown exponentially and can now be found in homes across the country.

We service the 5 boroughs in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and parts of Pennsylvania. We also operate a warehouse in Massachusetts, Michigan, Virginia and Texas. Most of our spices are imported products. We grind, mix, and pack our own spices to ensure that there are no additives or filler, just exceptional taste. Each spice we carry is imported from the place that does it best, wherever in the world that may be, regardless of cost.

Our products are identified on the labels, Kosher certified with a Star-K, and are pleased to report that our products are equal or better in quality to other brands.

We import other products with our brand and, also other famous brand such as Moroccan  olives, olive oils and sunflower oils, couscous, sardines and other preserved foods. We also import other products such as pastas, couscous, freekeh, beans, bulgur, semolina, a variety of tea, sodas and soft drinks

We are a service-oriented company that can service individual stores, as well as warehouse deliveries. We also offer self-standing racks to display our merchandise, whenever needed.

You can rest assured that our products are insured with product liability Insurance and our salesmen and vehicles are also insured.

We are happy to state that we are providing quality service to the following supermarket chains through our own brands and/or their private labels:

KeyfoodStores                                       Casablanca, Salma
Foodtown Supermarkets (NY, NJ)     Casablanca, Salma
Metfood Supermarkets                       Casablanca, Salma
Sunset International                           Private Label
Food Bazzar/Food Dimension           Private Label, Casablanca Salma
Exotica                                                   Private Label
Coral Isle                                               Private Label
C-Town Supermarkets                       Casablanca, Salma


The Key Food supermarket, one of the major super chain is being serviced in a very diverse community New York, while Food Bazaar is more concentrated among the Hispanic community.